Adobe Photoshop Introduction


Web Design and Development Tools and Techniques. Course 2.  

Course outline:

Online only
Individual training available
Ukrainian or Russian classes available
A student must take a minimum of three courses to keep the price indicated below.
Payment is accepted for every three months of training
If student pay only for one course from course series, the course fee is $649.00 CAD
Four type of training
Dates and Locations for courses and seminars

About this course:

The graphics play a major role in creating the outlook of your website. In order to create a website, you will require a graphic design software that will help you improvise the images and text that is to be shown on the website. This course will highlight the essential building blocks of Graphic Design Tools for Web Design, what works and what doesn’t on screen and how to make the best use of Graphic Software for Web design.

Online Course Price $390 CAD.

10 – 12 Students  in a class
Certificate of Completion
4 – 8 Weeks / 16 Course Hrs
Four type of training

Special discount price for workshop participants in Mexico in February 2019
Ask college for details


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